Jennifer Luce

Design Thinking

Building Architecture | Making Things | Imagining Landscapes | Conceiving Art

It has been my career goal as an architect to permeate the act of building with the sense of intimacy that Art evokes; to make architecture, art and things that people urge to touch. I strive to immerse our buildings with meaningful stories and narrative so they will stir communal spirit within people, places and culture.

In the act of imagining form, I often reflect on the meaning of the term utilitarian. This term is a dichotomy; so indicative of the contrasts that design articulates. We must surely build anything with straightforward purpose; to accomplish a ‘pragmatic satisfaction’. But, in a broader definition of utilitarian, we must also build to illicit ‘cultural, intellectual and spiritual pleasure’ of much greater value to its visitors than a mere physical experience.

My work at LUCE et studio has always navigated the fringe; preferring to explore the spaces that lie between traditional architecture, site specific art, narrative landscapes and the art form the building anything can be.

Jennifer Luce
Luce et studio

Ref: John Stuart Mills, Utilitarianism, 1863